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We absolutely love our DANCE MODE uniforms!

These uniforms are compulsory to wear after two weeks of classes

 We have found over the years that uniforms help our students work better as a unified group, assisting with team work and minimising distraction. 

Please note uniform items are available through Dance Mode, Bloch, Bondi Junction or any other dance retail outlet. Let them know you attend Dance Mode for a discount! 

Uniforms purchased through our website will be handed out in class!

What Does My Child Wear to Class?


  • Pink Leotard or Black Jazz Leotard

  • Pink Ballet Skirt (Optional)

  • Black jazz shoes or Pink Ballet Shoes

  • Pink Ballet Tights (Optional)

Jazz/Musical Theatre/Lyrical

  • Pink Leotard (with black shorts or pink ballet skirt) or Black Jazz Leotard or White Dance Mode T-shirt with Black Bike Shorts

  • Pink Ballet Skirt (Optional)

  • Black Jazz Shoes


  • Pink Leotard (with black shorts) or Black Jazz Leotard

  • Barefoot

  • No White Dance Mode T-shirts (baggy clothes can get in the way when working on tricks)

We have a wide range of uniform options at Dance Mode to suit family budgets and children's unique preferences all while encouraging team spirit and unity.

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