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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What classes do you offer?

We have class styles available in Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Ballet. Private and small group lessons available upon request. DANCE MODE's partner company First Dance Sydney, run by Miss Elise, offers wedding dance lessons that come to you, (in studio lessons also available). 

2. What ages and ability are needed to attend?

We are excited to have classes available from 3-17 years. Children of all abilities are welcome at DANCE MODE as we run our classes to be fun and work to develop your Childs individual dance skills. 

3. How does the dance year run and what commitment is expected?

Our studio runs according to the NSW Public school schedule. Please see our class dates on our Info page. Class attendance is important for your Childs progress and your Childs commitment is expected until completion of the end of year concert. Not to mention, this is a wonderful life lesson to teach our children - commit to something all the way to the end! 

4. Is there a dress code?

Yes! We find our uniforms really unite our classes and encourage discipline without distraction. Please find more information on our Uniform page. 

5. Do you have an end of year concert?

Yes! We are thrilled to announce as of 2022 we will be putting on sensational end of year concerts. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to display their hard work and skills learned throughout the year, in addition it is a wonderful chance for our children to develop their confidence. It is truly exciting! Please note, the performance is optional, however if you child wishes not to perform please inform us in writing prior to the commencement of Term 3. 

6. Can I watch my child in class?

If it is your Childs first class, you are welcome to come in and watch! However, beyond that first class we ask that parents wait until our Open Day. This provides the child with independence and an opportunity to learn without distraction. In addition, you will be thrilled at the Open Day to see how far your wonderful child has come!

7. How do I enrol?

Please visit our Enrol Today! page to enrol. Please note completing this enrolment means you agree to all Terms & Conditions outlined on our TERMS & CONDITIONS page. Our fees include all registration and admin costs. 

8. Do you have an adult/parent class?

Unfortunately, not at this stage. But please let us know if you are interested and maybe we can work something out!

9. My son loves to dance, what classes are available for him?

Absolutely!! Boys dance too! Boys are invited to all classes on the Timetable and with enough interest we will start a boys only class!!

10. Do you offer private lessons?

We sure do!

  • Private lessons can be arranged for multiple purposes. If your child is shy or nervous, a private lesson is a great way for your child to get used to the space and teacher without the added nerves of other children. 

  • They are also beneficial for our committed dancers who have certain skills they would like to work on, have different styles they want to try, want further attention and coaching on their technique. 

  • Private lessons are also great for children that just want to have a fun dance private (with a few laughs), we also offer duo and small group lessons (if you have some friends from school your child is wanting to dance/hangout/play date with). 

  • In addition, please chat to DANCE MODE if you are interested in your child competing in eisteddfod/competitions we can schedule a private lesson to work on solo/duo/trios. 

  • Does your child have a school showcase coming up? Organise a private lesson to create a routine! Please Contact us to chat more/schedule a private lesson.



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