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Dance Mode Concert 2024

Please note some of these details may change



Sunday 3rd November 2023


The Wintle Theatre at The Juniors

558A Anzac Parade Kingsford, NSW, 2032

Phone: (02) 9349 7555


Dancer Arrival Time


Doors Open


Start Time

10.30am - 12.00pm (approx)


Tickets go on sale - 3rd September 2023

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE! (Link will be released on 3 Sept)

Don't forget to invite friends and family!

We do not charge for children unless they will be occupying their own seat

Tickets will be checked at the door

Check In/Check Out Procedure

Please check your child in at Theatres foyer so we can account for all students.

All students in more than one dance MUST COLLECT A WRISTBAND at check in.
Students will be escorted backstage by teachers (NO PARENTS ALLOWED BACKSTAGE)

No child collection is possible mid show, please wait until the end. If needed we have your contact numbers backstage and will reach out if your child needs you.


Miss Elise, Miss Sophie, Miss Olivia, Miss Anna, Miss Cassie, Miss Zara, Miss Cheryl (Elise's mum), Miss Olivia K, Miss Jess, Miss Phoebe, others TBC

Strictly no parents allowed backstage or beyond check in point (this is for safety & security reasons) we will be in touch if needed.

We will have a movie playing and drawing activities backstage for our performers for the duration of the show, they will be having a great time!


  • Water bottle (no juice please)

  • Black Jazz shoes (not needed for Acro)

  • Snacks (nothing that can leave a mark on costumes, we recommend popcorn/biscuits etc) (no nuts or nut products)

  • Arrive in costume with hair done


Come Dressed in costumes with hair done and tights on (they are yours to keep after the concert!) please put your child's jazz shoes on before check in

If your child is in multiple numbers you must collect a wristband at check in, please leave other costumes with Miss Jess in our 'quick change' room. Miss Jess & Miss Cheryl (Elise's mum) will assist with all quick changes and escorting little ones to join their next class

Please label all belongings to be kept backstage

(Dance Mode or the venue take no responsibility for lost, damaged, misplaced or stolen items)

We will send link of photos and videos to all participating families once received from our professional photographer/videographers

Make up may be worn at parents discretion

Tentative Show Order

1. Thursday Yr 2-3 Jazz

2. Monday Yr K-1 Jazz

3. Friday Yr 4-5 Jazz/Acro

4. Monday DB Preschool

5. Wednesday Yr 2-3 Jazz

6. Friday Preschool

7. Wednesday Preschool Acro

8. Tuesday Preschool

9. Friday Lyrical (Lost Boy)

10. Tuesday K-1 Jazz

11. Monday K-1 Acro

12. Wednesday Musical Theatre 

Miss Elise Speech

13. Friday Lyrical (On My Own)

14. Thursday Yr 2-3 Acro


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