Dance Mode uses successfully proven programs for our children's dance classes that result in wonderful developments in our children beyond just dancing. 


30 Minute Class - $200 + GST

45 Minute Class - $220 + GST


  • All fees are due within 14 days of invoice being sent

  • Fees to be paid via Bank Transfer

  • Late fees incur a 20% late fee

  • If you are unable to pay within time frame, please contact us prior to the 14th day to make arrangements

  • Fees are inclusive of insurance, registration and admin costs

  • All fees are non refundable and unfortunately we do not offer make up classes

  • You will be charged a one time costume fee at the end of year. If your child chooses not to participate in the concert please advise DANCE MODE in writing prior to Term 3.

  • Please see Terms & Conditions page for further terms.