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Terms & Conditions
(inc of Holiday Workshops)

Correction/consoling may be required in class involving physical touch of students (please note all staff members have their Working With Children Check).

DANCE MODE takes the utmost care of students however is not responsible for any injuries incurred during class or on premises. 

DANCE MODE does not take responsibility for lost property or damage to property.

Photographs/videos may be taken of students and used for advertising purposes, including social media.


DANCE MODE reserves the right to change classes/teachers at any given time.


Aside from first time students, parents are not to watch classes aside from when invited to attend open day classes.

All students representing DANCE MODE must wear DANCE MODE hoodies to and from all events.

All routines choreographed by DANCE MODE belong to DANCE MODE and are not to be copied/used elsewhere without prior consent from DANCE MODE.

Enrolment is on an annual basis, cancellation must be done via email to DANCE MODE. All enrolments must be done via the website, no paper enrolments will be accepted.

Each student has two weeks to purchase the correct uniform for their respective classes from their first class.

At DANCE MODE all students and staff have a right to a safe work/learning environment free from bullying and discrimination. Any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

You will be charged a one time costume fee at the end of year. If your child chooses not be participate in the concert please advise DANCE MODE in writing prior to Term 3.

Changes and cancellations must be made in writing to DANCE MODE.

Classes missed due to public holidays can be made up by attending another class during the week.

Refunds will not be granted to any cancellations or withdrawals. Refunds will only be granted if DANCE MODE cancels a class.

DANCE MODE does not offer casual classes, enrolment is done by term and no pro rata classes are granted.

Term Fees must be paid in full regardless of attendance/absences. 

Parents and students are not to contact staff privately, including social media, phone etc. All correspondence must be done through DANCE MODE.

DANCE MODE is a registered COVID SAFE Workplace. All students, parents and staff must adhere to all health and safety protocals.

All fees are due within 14 days of invoice being sent.

Fees to be paid via Bank Transfer.

Late fees incur a 20% late fee.

If you are unable to pay within time frame, please contact us prior to the 14th day to make arrangements.

Fees are inclusive of insurance, registration and admin costs.

All fees are non refundable and unfortunately we do not offer make up classes.

All Holiday Workshop fees are to be paid prior to program commencement.

All fees are non-refundable, regardless of absence. 

I have stated any pre existing injuries, illness', allergies and take full responsibility for seeking medical clearance. 

I acknowledge Dance Mode does not take any responsibility for injuries occurring during or post Dance Mode activities.

Some classes may be filmed/photographed and remain the property of Dance Mode and may be used for marketing purposes.

If parents/carers are late for collection, you will be charged $15 per 15mins.

Holiday Workshop
Terms & Conditions

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